World Soil Day: Lagos warns against illegal sand mining


As Lagos State joins the rest of the world on Thursday in observing the World Soil day, the State Government has warned those involved in illegal sand mining to desist from the act and to protect the soil as a vital resource.

In a press parley as part of activities marking the day, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello also advised residents to desist from indiscriminate tree cutting which also damages the soil.

Bello stated that the state is committed to preventing further soil erosion in the State through identification and recovering of all erosion prone areas and conserving them for better productive use.

He added that the theme for the 2019 World Soil Day is to raise awareness on the importance of sustaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being by encouraging all sectors around the world to engage proactively in improving soil health.

The theme “Stop Soil Erosion Save Our Future” according to the Commissioner is apt, as efforts must be made towards raising the profile of healthy soil and curb erosion to encourage agricultural development.

He said that with continuous erosion, the fertility of soil will continue to be adversely affected at an alarming rate, threatening global food supplies and safety.

He said : “As Government we are committed to preserve the soil, its biodiversity, conservation and management through efficient ecosystem functions for an improved crop production and land activities.

“We must continue to communicate information and undertake activities that may reduce soil erosion as soil represents one of the most important reservoirs of biodiversity and it reflects ecosystem metabolism”.

He disclosed that soil erosion is very prominent in some parts of the State and it’s a potential hazards to means of livelihood, property and life of the citizenry during raining season.

“It is usually caused by rain run-offs which in most erosion prone areas is exacerbated by constrains and blockage of waterways and drainages” he said.