Reaction as ExxonMobil announces further profits amidst soaring temperatures, energy prices


Following the announcement of record profits from TotalEnergies & Shell, Exxon has just announced this morning another obscene profit. Whilst their profits may have dropped, they are still obscene profits made at the expense of people and the planet.

The announcement follows one from the World Meteorological Organization which has highlighted that the first three weeks of July have been the warmest three-week period on record and the month is on track to be the hottest month on record.

Jeff Ordower, North America Director for, responded: “As we find ourselves sweltering under the oppressive weight of heat waves, the stark truth emerges: Exxon and the fossil fuel industry have driven temperatures to unprecedented heights, shamelessly prioritizing their own profit over people’s lives, while blocking real climate action. And they are making astronomical profits out of this.

This scorching reality is a wake-up call: it is time to power up the global renewable energy revolution. Wind and solar energy are breaking records, generating increasing amounts of clean electricity each year. Our government can no longer bow down to the whims of the fossil fuel industry. It is absolutely imperative for them to hold Exxon and the fossil fuel industry accountable and reallocate the substantial financial resources to fund renewable energy projects instead. The time for decisive action is now.”