Paris Agreement: Czech Republic unveils low emissions strategy


The Czech Republic has just published its first long-term climate change strategy under the Paris Agreement.
Through its strategy, the Czech Republic aims to pursue long-term emission reduction targets of an indicative level of 70 Mt CO2-eq of emissions in 2040 and an indicative level of 39 Mt CO2-eq of emissions in 2050.
The Paris Agreement encourages all Parties to formulate and publish long-term low greenhouse gas emission strategies.
Further long-term climate change strategies are expected to be published by countries going forward. This is testimony to the continued global momentum for strengthened action on climate change.
As part of the historic entry into force of the Paris Agreement, countries submitted nationally determined contributions (NDCs), which detail what each country will contribute to the global response to climate change, in line with their national circumstances.
The long-term climate strategies are likely to slot in with countries’ NDCs.