NiMet, Oxfam to partner in minimizing humanitarian emergencies


The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) and Oxfam are set to partner in minimizing humanitarian emergencies in Nigeria.

At a meeting between officials of the two organizations at NiMet’s office in Abuja, on Wednesday, 29th May, 2024, the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of NiMet, Professor Charles Anosike welcomed the idea of the partnership with Oxfam and its partners. “There is no early action without early warning. NiMet already has products such as the annual Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP), and other advisories and forecasts we issue. Oxfam has the platform so this is a relationship that will work. NiMet has other partners including the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and others and publishes the SCP in local Nigerian languages. The relationship with Oxfam is a welcome development as the work both organizations do are very critical”.

Earlier in his speech, William Mafwalal, Programme Manager of Oxfam in Nigeria, said that Oxfam and its partners are rolling out two anticipatory pilot projects in Nigeria focusing on flood and drought. “The objective of the one-year project which is scalable, is to minimize humanitarian actions and interventions. The pilot for flood will be carried out in Adamawa state, while the pilot for drought will be carried out in Katsina. NiMet is already working on key areas that impacts on the projects. With NiMet’s data, expertise, understanding and technology , Oxfam and its partners can develop early action protocols”.

Concluding, Mr Mafwalal said; “We are happy and excited partnering with NiMet. This is like a one-stop shop. NiMet has all the data we require available in one location. It’s not like this in some of the other countries where we have worked”.





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