Moroccan companies, investors to invest in Gabon


Moroccan companies and investors have announced their intention to invest several billions of US dollars in sectors of Infrastructure, the numerical Economy, Agro-industrial industry and the sanitary facilities in Gabon.
The duo announced their plans at the just concluded Morocco-Gabon Forum held in Rabat.
Bringing together nearly 300 participants in the buildings of the chancellery of the Embassy of Gabon, in Rabat and intended to promote the direct investments and to instigate the exchanges between the two countries, the Morocco – Gabon Forum made it possible to the Moroccan investors to discover the opportunities offered by Gabon.
According to the president of the Africa and South-South Commission of the General Confederation of the Moroccan Companies (CGEM), Abdou Souléye DIOP, “The Forum will have made it possible to better identify the Gabonese projects and the tools to accompany their execution. The General Confederation of the Moroccan Companies all is prepared to accompany and to structure the actions of development and B2B between the Moroccan and Gabonese companies and to impulse this new momentum of economic relations between Morocco and Gabon.”
Two delegations of Moroccan businessmen are awaited in Gabon within the next few weeks to carry on with the exchanges initiated with the Gabonese authorities during the Morocco – Gabon 2017 Forum.
These delegations, which will go to Libreville in October and November 2017, shall be made up of economic operators originating from the Area of Fes and the Eastern one, as well as businessmen affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce from the Area of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra.
“The Morocco – Gabon Forum arouses an increasing interest and represents from now on an essential tool of dynamization of the exchanges between Morocco and Gabon. I wish that the Forum contributes to a deep and immediate reflexion on the existence, the nature and the quality of the trade agreements which bind our two countries and which would, ideally, count several agreements of free trade between Morocco and Gabon. I am convinced that the multiplication of the agreements of free trade will allow Africa to be developed by the Africans themselves”, declared the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary – High Representative of the Gabonese Republic close the Kingdom of Morocco, His Excellence Abdu Razzaq Guy KAMBOGO.
The offer presented by the Gabonese Funds of Strategic Investments (FGIS) and relating to the Seafront Triumphal Field (FMCT) aroused a broad interest and immediately received an important financing offer.
A Partnership convention on the valorization and the transformation of the lemongrass (citronella), on the other hand, was signed on Friday 15th of September 2017 between the Moroccan company of Teas and Infusions (MATHE) and the Gabonese company SOVAPROAT, Company of Valorization and Production of the Agricultural and Agro industrials products and of the Gabonese Soil.
A follow-up Committee was recommended in order to evaluate the contribution of the Morocco – Gabon 2017 Forum to the diversification of the direct investments in Gabon and the dynamization of the exchanges between Rabat and Libreville.
The next edition of the Morocco Forum – Gabon will be held in September 2018 in Rabat.
“The relations between Morocco and Gabon are on the way to become a model of cooperation South-South”, declared the Ambassador of Gabon in Morocco, His Excellence Abdu Razzaq Guy KAMBOGO.
Country undergoing fundamental changes, Gabon wish to invest 21 Billions of Dollars throughout the forcoming years in order to strengthen the infrastructures and support the growth poles beyond the oil exploitation.