Joint webinar to address mercury management in Chlor-alkali sector


The Partnership Areas of work on Mercury cell Chlor-alkali Production and Mercury Waste Management under the Minamata Convention on Mercury will host a joint webinar on the sound management and elimination of mercury and mercury waste in the chlor-alkali sector, on 16 February 2023 from 13:00 to 15:30 CET, in an online session.

The chlor‐alkali sector is a particular area of interest for the Convention, as a large quantity of mercury is involved in mercury‐cell production processes to produce chlorine and caustic soda. The Minamata Convention sets the deadline for the phase‐out of mercury use in chlor‐alkali production in 2025, and establishes measures to ensure that excess mercury from decommissioning of chlor-alkali facilities is disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. The Convention also requires Parties to take appropriate measures so that mercury waste is managed in an environmentally sound manner.

Mercury‐free technologies are commercially available and technical and economic information exists to assist industries and governments with the conversion of mercury‐based chlor‐alkali technologies. Though the sector witnesses a global decline in mercury use as mercury-cell facilities age and a number of facilities are closing down or transitioning away from mercury processes, some countries still face technical and financial challenges in converting to mercury-free technologies and managing mercury wastes from this sector in an environmentally sound manner, and these countries would benefit from support from international partners.

The webinar will provide participants with key information on techniques, innovative tools and best technologies, including financially viable options for the phase-out of mercury-based technologies and proper management of mercury wastes in the chlor-alkali sector.