Campaigners stand firm on outcome needed at COP26


As the climate summit draws to a close, the UN constituencies representing civil society groups and climate justice movements from across the globe came together in Glasgow to stand firm on the just and urgent outcome needed at COP26.

Campaigners joined red lines made from fabric together to symbolise the limit beyond which we must not go without facing severe consequences, 1.5C needs to be kept alive to allow humanity to survive. Following a plenary held inside the conference center a procession representing UNFCCC civil society constituencies representing Indigenous People, farmers & peasants, youth, women & gender, trade unions, disabled people, independent researchers, academic institutions and environmental NGOs joined over 1000 people on the outside of the conference centre where a rally was held.

Cansin Leylim,“The draft agreement does not put us on the track to keeping temperatures below 1.5C and it fails to support those least responsible and most vulnerable to the climate crisis.

Unless these talks end in firmly committing to phasing out all fossil fuels, ending fossil finance and leveraging the climate finance needed to support a global just transition, those red lines will be crossed. This means the COP must commit to real and measurable emissions reductions, not vague net zero emissions in 2050 or later.”

Joseph Siklu Pacific Climate Warriors, “Those fighting the fight on the inside and those fighting on the outside are part of the same movement: we’ve always been at COP one foot inside, one outside. This could have been a much worse agreement and the intensive efforts of Indigenous, feminist, trade unions and climate justice movements have prevented big polluters from entirely rigging the COP agenda. But there is still a long way to go, the work is just beginning.“