22 climate trailblazers selected ahead global summit


An initial network of 22 Climate Trailblazers, individuals from around the world who represent both emerging and established voices on climate change action, activism and ambition, was on Wednesday August 1, 2018 announced by the Global Climate Action Summit, which takes place in San Francisco from September 12-14.
Those chosen demonstrate a passion for climate issues and are continuously delivering a difference in their countries and communities, either fighting on the frontlines of climate impacts or finding innovative climate solutions.
Besides bringing their unique international experience to the Summit in September, the Climate Trailblazers will spread awareness of the Summit’s ambitious goals within their own climate arenas in the lead up to the event. They will humanize the event as they will show through their actions that everyday people can do extraordinary things.
The Climate Trailblazers reflect the global nature of the Summit, which aims to bring together the best in international climate change activity. Of the 22 Climate Trailblazers, six live in North America, three in Central or South America, two in Europe, four in Africa, three in Asia and four in Australia or Oceania. They range from a social activist who works in Africa developing education campaigns and training communities on uncontrolled fires to a civil engineer who is focused on sustainable development in Iraq.
Nick Nuttall, Communications Director for the Global Climate Action Summit, said: “We’re proud to support a fantastically diverse team, each of whom brings a unique perspective on climate change action. The Climate Trailblazers’ backgrounds encompass everything from sustainable farming to creating coral reefs and more. This unique mix of people and programs mirrors the diversity of issues and outcomes that the Summit is showcasing and demonstrates how everyone needs to be on board to address multiple challenges and to truly take ambition to the next level when it comes to tackling climate change.”
Kate Greenberg, Climate Trailblazer and Western Program Director of the National Young Farmers Coalition, said: “A vibrant future in a changing climate is possible; in order to achieve it, we must act swiftly, creatively and collaboratively to protect our working lands and waters, invest in the working people who steward them, and incite our communities to action with hope, abundance and an unwavering camaraderie.”
Mina Guli, Climate Trailblazer and Founder and CEO of Thirst, said: “It’s a great honour to be part of the Trailblazer community at the Global Climate Action Summit. Solving big global problems takes commitment to action from every single one of us. In my case my commitment is to run 100 marathons in 100 days around the world to bring attention to the world’s water crisis and inspire us to act together to solve it. Whether it’s big actions that take time to plan, or small things we can do every day, every action, every drop of water we save, counts.”
Hammerskjoeld Simwinga, Climate Trailblazer and Executive Chairperson of Foundation for Wildlife & Habitat Conservation, said: “I’m a Climate Trailblazer because the environment needs people like you and me to defend it. Climate change is real, I have felt it, it’s happening, and we are seeing its impact. We cannot sit back and wait any longer. We have to come together and find a common stand so that together we can find ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change. If we do not act now, it will be too late to win.”
The full list of recognized Climate Trailblazers includes:
North America:
Anthony Leiserowitz, Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, in Hamden, Connecticut, USA
Chris Castro, Director of Sustainability at the City of Orlando in Florida, USA
Jennifer Wagner, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at CarbonCure Technologies in Halifax, Canada
Kate Greenberg, Western Program Director for the National Young Farmers Coalition in Durango, Colorado, USA
Robert D. Bullard, Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, USA
Sam Teicher, Founder and Chief Reef Officer of Coral Vita in Freeport, Bahamas
Central and South America:
Celia Mahung, Executive Director at the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment in Punta Gorda, Belize
Juan José Pocaterra, CEO of Vikua Caraca in Caracas, Venezuela
Liliana Jaramillo , Founder of Nativus in Quito, Ecuador
Adam Dixon, CEO of Phytoponics in Cardiff, United Kingdom
Howard Wood, Chair of COAST Community of Arran Seabed Trust on the Isle of Arran, Scotland
Bernice Dapaah, Founder and CEO of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative in Kumasi, Ghana
Feliciano dos Santos, Executive Director at ESTAMOS Organização Comunitária in Lichinga, Mozambique
Hammerskjoeld “Hammer” Simwinga, Executive Chairperson at the Foundation for Wildlife and Habitat Conservation in Zambia
Shukri Haji Ismail Mohamoud Bandare, Minister of Environment and Rural Development in Hargeisa, Somaliland
Basima Abdulrahman, Founder and CEO of KESK Green Building Consulting in Erbil, Iraq
Tariq Al-Olaimy, Co-Founder of 3BL Associates in Manama, Bahrain
Wayne Song, CEO and General Manager of Green Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. and C4X Technologies Inc. in Suzhou, China

Australia and Oceania:
Eritai Kateibwi of Te Maeu Projects in Tarawa, Kiribati
Mina Guli, Founder and CEO of Thirst in Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia
Natalie Isaacs, CEO and Founder of 1 Million Women in Sydney, Australia
Ursula Rakova, Executive Director of Tulele Peisa Incorporated in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
Climate Trailblazers were nominated by a number of reputable awards committees and institutions including the United Nations’ Momentum for Change, Equator Initiative, and Young Champions of the Earth; the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers; the Goldman Environmental Prize; XPRIZE; Grist; Oxfam; and Forbes 30 Under 30.
The 2018 Global Climate Action Summit, hosted in San Francisco September 12 to 14, will bring together state and local governments, business, and citizens from around the world to showcase climate action taking place, thereby demonstrating how the tide has turned in the race against climate change and inspiring deeper national commitments in support of the Paris Agreement.